Welcome to the Internet Office (IO). Led by FA Licah Fox, the RS Internet Officer (RSIO), the IO oversees and manages the online aspects of the Rebel Squadrons. Given the nature of the RS, the IO has a hand in nearly every major decision and aspect of the RS and spends the majority of its time working on a variety of webpages on the rebelsquadrons.org domain.

The Internet Office staff is comprised of the following officers:

The IO is available for consultations on a variety of Internet-related topics, including website construction and updating, communications oversight, and roster modifications. Please see the FAQ before contacting a member of the IO, as the staff is small and the projects list is large. We remain happy, however, to assist you in the best way we can.

Problems? If you are having an issue with a particular section or page of the rebelsquadrons.org website, please use our support call system to give us the details of your problems. We receive automatic email notices regarding these and will work to resolve the matter expediently.

The IO is always interested in hiring knowledgeable assistants, for work with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, graphic design, and more. If you are looking to help out, please contact us at the address above.


  1. Update IO website: "Policies" and "Management" sections, and anything else needing an update
  2. Convert entire main RS site to optional designs (namely, the Roster Database section) - per Cyrel's support call
  3. Implement RS "status updates" to be displayed on main page for those who want it
  4. Clean up internal folders (archiving and categorizing any scripts in main directories)
  5. More suggestions are welcome - feel free to email the IO, or place a support call!
Licah keeps a personal to-do list on the wiki. For past IO projects, see Projects History. For page updates, check out the Change Log.

Last updated Tuesday, March 16, 2010.