Support Call: 103
Subject Medal Reason
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Logged On Sep 17, 2003
Call Text Is it possible to have your reason for awarding a medal attached to that medal... so when you goto someones profile and select the medal you see the reason it was awarded. And in the case of multiple medals... just list all the reasons that medal was awarded.

Action History
Oct 09, 2003 Will add a database field to support a reason for awarding a medal. The person AWARDING the medal will supply the reason. If no reason is supplied by the awarder, then the nominator's reason will go in there (hopefully). I'll get started on this in the near future, as there are many other major problems to take care of first.

Action updated by BGN Snappleguy.
Oct 14, 2003 The reason system should be working now. It has the following features:

The person AWARDING the medal gives the reason for it. Not the nominator.

The reasons are listed in they order the medals appear in the database, so

it should be chronological.

If you don't give a reason, that's fine. It just won't display.

None of the medals have reasons except for two, my two test ones. I gave one of

my medals a reason, and awarded a Top Gun medal from the Queue with a reason.

Both worked fine.

You can see a person's medals one of two ways:

Click on the "Number of medals Received" in their personal profile page

Click on the new "Reason" link in the Medal View page

If you see any problems with this system, let me know. It should be working fine though.

Action updated by BGN Snappleguy.
Oct 23, 2003 Everything seems to be working fine.

Action updated by BGN Snappleguy.