Support Call: 104
Subject Promo
Status Closed
Assigned To VA Patrick Blastfire
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On Sep 18, 2003
Call Text Cant promote a CDT to anything, i keep getting a "FATAL ERROR: Erroneous form. [XREF: Ext-POST]" I should be able to promote him as i am his Wing CO. I click on name of person to promo from cadet to LJG and keep getting directed to this error. Please promote Janos Audron to 2LT so i dont have to worry about it again. Also is there a way to promote a person straight to 2LT without having to wait, this is needed when cadets graduate from the IBG (im sure other fleets too) and should go directly to 2LT.

LCL Chris Horn "Kicks"
Action History
Sep 23, 2003 I checked promotion from the rank of Cadet to LJG, and it worked fine for me - I'm assuming this was a fluke at the time that affected you. I check on Janos' profile and saw he was promoted to LJG, so I guess either you were able to do it eventually or someone else handled it. If you find that you still have difficulty promoting cadets, place another call and we'll do our best to fix it.

As per your request, Janos Audron has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Action updated by LGN Patrick Blastfire.