Support Call: 105
Subject Search Feature
Status Closed
Assigned To VA Patrick Blastfire
Logged By RA Lamin Zykara
Logged On Sep 29, 2003
Call Text The search feature of the RSDB seems to be throwing up some SQL errors when you try and use anything but name. Not sure why. Just an FYI.

Gen. Zykara
Action History
Sep 29, 2003 Fixed various problems with the search page:
When searching by Primary Fleet, an SQL error would occur.

When searching by Status, an SQL error would occur. Also corrected the value of the statuses in the drop down menu to match with their status on the roster (searching for Honorary Members would bring up Reserve members), and also added the ability to search for those in the Reserves.

The SQL errors were caused when the search page tried to get information from the Roster table for columns that dont exist (for example, it would try to pull from the column priFleet in the table when the actual name of the column is PrimaryFleet).

Everything else seems to be fine...thanks for pointing this out, Chief.

Action updated by LGN Patrick Blastfire.