Support Call: 11
Subject Academy Database - Mail all cadets with instructors option & mass expel feature
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By COM Wes Belden
Logged On Jan 08, 2003
Call Text I'd like to request two further features for the Acad DB.

1) Mail all cadets with instructors (so an opposite of the mail cadets with no instructure feature :P)

2) An enmass expel system. I know a safe guard is needed to prevent me from accidentally wiping out half my undergrad, but when I actually need to wipe out half my undergrad (which happens a fair bit with my 'no reply no instructor' policy) it's a pain in the ass to do so.

Action History
Apr 12, 2003 Added the first feature to email all cadets with an instructor.
Apr 12, 2003 Call 11 Updated By Lt. Col. Mystic Warrior
May 09, 2003 the second part of this is the same as call #5
May 09, 2003 Call 11 Updated By LCL Mystic Warrior
Aug 15, 2003 I see logged here that the first feature is done, so the mass expel feature is already covered in another support call - this one can be closed.

Action updated by BGN Licah Fox.