Support Call: 113
Subject Cadet not added to Academy DB
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Phil DarkFire
Logged On Oct 11, 2003
Call Text Receieved an e-mail from the RS Training Office saying a cadet had been entered into the XvT UG Academy. There is no sign of the cadet on the list.

Details of cadet:

Name: Mord Gladdian
Cadet PIN: 1298

[Automated Notice]
Action History
Oct 12, 2003 If the cadet was added on October 8, s/he won't be there due to the database restore. Just add the cadet again.

If you cannot add the cadet again, or your are positive he was not added on the 8th, then let me know via email ( and I'll look into it further.

Action updated by BGN Snappleguy.