Support Call: 117
Subject FATAL ERROR: Erroneous form. [XREF: Ext-POST] Get this when attempting promotions
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On Oct 17, 2003
Call Text FATAL ERROR: Erroneous form. [XREF: Ext-POST]

Im trying to promote one of my Squad CO's and they are eligible, their rank is under which I can promote them and I am their Wing CO. SO i see this as a bug. Please fix i have complained about this before and i was told it was fixed. I know this may not be important to you but i have Squad CO's that need to be promoted, so please get back to me on this right away.

LCL Chris Horn "Kicks"
Chiin'Tal CO
Dagger 9
Dragon 9
Guardian SO
Action History
Oct 17, 2003 this one's most likely a browser error. I logged in as Kicks and it worked perfectly. Kicks, if you could let me know what browser, OS, and exactly what steps you took until you got this error, that would be good.


Action updated by MGN Licah Fox.
Oct 17, 2003 I talked to Kicks. The error is as follows: he uses, not - this causes the problem with the security checker. I've fixed this.

Action updated by MGN Licah Fox.