Support Call: 118
Subject Join form email
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By RA Boid Reaves
Logged On Oct 18, 2003
Call Text The following is the email I get when a recruit passes the test. It does not display the name of the games he signed up for. My fleet has 3 games, how am I supposed to know where to place them? Please fix this. Somehow after I make a call like this it gets fixed, but 2 weeks later it's reset back to the old format below.

This is a notice that the following person has surpassed Recruit status (has passed the test or is a current member) and is ready for admission to your fleet, Rebel Squadrons Commando Division:

Name: Carth Onasi

[Automated Notice]
Action History
Oct 30, 2003 I just took a crack at this and it should work now, when you get the next e-mail from this let me know if it works.


Action updated by MGN Licah Fox.
Nov 18, 2003 This is working.

Action updated by MGN Licah Fox.