Support Call: 125
Subject Vanguard Fleet Site
Status Closed
Assigned To VA Patrick Blastfire
Logged By VA Patrick Blastfire
Logged On Nov 05, 2003
Call Text Hey, guys...sometime in the near future, I'm going to need Vanguard's site set up with a fleet template. It's currently at, if it could get changed to with some sort of forward on the old directory to the new, I'd greatly appreciate it as well. Thanks!
Action History
Nov 15, 2003 This is being delayed due to the fact that we are at the limit for our
FTP users. I will get an unused login changed for Vanguard soon, and
the site will be up shortly after that.

Action updated by BGN Snappleguy.
Jan 23, 2004 I finally got the information I needed to authenticate myself with support to get the login
changed. The VF website's directory with login has been created
( and is ready to receive files. I will email the Vanguard CO
the password to the FTP as soon as the change goes through, and hopefully get the
fleet template uploaded.

Action updated by MGN Snappleguy.
Mar 29, 2004 Looks like you got this one under control.

Action updated by LGN Snappleguy.
Apr 03, 2004 Taken care of

Action updated by GEN Patrick Blastfire.