Support Call: 155
Subject Fleet Medals
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle
Logged On Dec 30, 2003
Call Text At one time, the fleets had the ability to add to and edit their medals. I'm not sure if this system will ever get re-established, but if it isn't going to get done, could someone please edit all the image paths for the RgF medals? The img tags currently point to /rgf/rsdb_images/ or something like that. Those should be pointing to /rgf/images/rsdb/. I believe the file names are all correct.
Action History
Dec 31, 2003
All image paths have been updated.

The whole php-based medals admin system is still on my list of things to
do, but it's still a few steps away. Fleets will be able to handle their own
medals, as well as have quite a few other features, but there's some other
stuff that needs to get done first, such as the ITOD system, the completion
of the join form, the whole intergroup multiplayer system that's been on
hold for God knows how long, etc.

It's coming.

Action updated by MGN Snappleguy.