Support Call: 185
Subject Email all feature
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On Feb 18, 2004
Call Text

Is there anyway i can get an email all feature added to this site so that i can email all cadets list in this academy? I suppose it should be able to work somewhat like a roster, but i dont do internet coding so i really have no idea.

COL Chris Horn "Kicks"
Action History
Feb 19, 2004 Made enough sense to me to have it. You can email all cadets you are tracking. Linked at the bottom
of the /join/requirements.php page (below the "Delete Tracked Member" select). Or you can manually
type it into the mail page in the url: /roster/mail.php?type=cadet&id=fleetIDToEmail

ADMINS!!! If you use this, you MUST specify a fleet ID or it will break. If you are not an admin and
don't specify a fleet ID, it will disallow you access, but since admins ALWAYS have access, give the ID.
Actually, I think it will just email yourself if you don't specify an ID.

Action updated by MGN Snappleguy.