Support Call: 191
Subject Historical Medals
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Logged On Feb 29, 2004
Call Text Was going through the IBG medals, seeing which ones were no longer useful to the IBG. When my XO brought up a point. Any medal we delete, we'd like to have some kind of historical archive for retired medals. So that people can see what past medals we had along with those that were awarded that medal. Also so that the medals can still be listed in members profiles, though they'd be marked as retired.

Action History
Mar 29, 2004 Well, since you retired, and Spokes came up with a good idea for this in the last call, I'll not do this but
I will see if it can easily be implemented in the later stages of redoing the medals system. In the
meantime, just do what Spokes mentioned and I can add (Retired) in the name of the medals you
want retired.

Action updated by LGN Snappleguy.