Support Call: 195
Subject Creating/Editing Fleet Medals
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Logged On Mar 07, 2004
Call Text I just read Face's Call about historic medals and think the best fix is for him to add "Retired" to the IBG Medals that are no longer being awarded. That keeps them in folks Profile and takes no coding.

However, I need to add some for the PBF and I cannot find where I can creat/edit PBF medals anymore. It used to be listed in my DB User options. Either add it to my menu or send me the link and I'll add it.

Thanks again......
Action History
Mar 18, 2004
This whole system will be in the works shortly, probably will start next week. There were plans
to re-do the entire medals system earlier but that was put on hold. I think its about time the project
was started up again.

Action updated by MGN Snappleguy.
Apr 01, 2004

Editing is in the view page, click the edit button for a medal you can edit.
Direct award to a person or persons is in the nominate page.
Squads are now direct award only, and only by Fleet CS/admins/MO/DMO
Image files are optional.
ALL image files for medals are in /roster/medals/images/
If you had an image elsewhere, it was copied over. If you want to give a medal an image,
just edit the medal and upload the image with the form.

The locations of medals in the fleet folders have not been touched. I merely copied the images
to the new directory so they're all in one spot. If you wish to delete your fleet's medal images, you
may do so and link to the new folder for them. As such, image names for medals are stored in the
database only by the file name now, not the URL.

The medals queue is no longer fleet based. It will simply show you any medals you have the
ability to award.

Rejection no longer sends an email. I saw no point to it. And no, you won't convince me to have it
send an email, so don't try. :P

Admins can still edit people's reasons.

Any questions, ask.

Action updated by LGN Snappleguy.