Support Call: 204
Subject Can't promotoe members in the RSCD
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Logged On Apr 08, 2004
Call Text I am trying to promote a member of the RSCD but it will not let me. Here is the message...

"1LT Ode Tawi is eligible to be promoted.

However, you may not promote this person because you are either not in a CO position high enough in this person's primary fleet, this person is not under your command, or because of a specific reason stated above."

I'm the Fleet XO, it should not be a problem for me to promote the members of the RSCD
Action History
Apr 08, 2004 The code is working perfectly by not letting you promote anyone in the RSCD. According the the bylaws, only a CO or the FC can promote someone. You are an XO. If you want this changed, then the bylaws will need to be re-written.

Action updated by LGN Snappleguy.