Support Call: 209
Subject More things for Logistics
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By MGN Max Cal
Logged On Apr 14, 2004
Call Text I'm completely sorry for doing this again, but it looks like our site needs a couple more mods. First, could you guys please take off the blue "Logistics Office" thing along with Admiral Kaz's name? Second, we noticed that there was a link from the Logistics office to the OOB site, but not the other way around- could you please put up a link from the OOB to logistics? Thanks so much.
Maj. Max Cal
Deputy Logistics Officer
Action History
Apr 15, 2004 I'll fix the image soon enough. You do realize that executive office pages are for the executives to
work on and maintain? They do not fall under the jurisdiction of this office.

Action updated by LGN Snappleguy.