Support Call: 213
Subject Join roster.. weird positions.. non priority
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Apr 16, 2004
Call Text On AOL and IE the join roster is all the way down the page.. not a problem.. just scroll down.. everything is aligned properly there

but in opera 7.23 (or whatever the latest version is) the table listing extends into the right hand nav bar.. but is positioned at the top of the page where it's supposed to be..

Rather odd to see opera one one monitor and IE on the other, but I was curious.

again, non priority (Anyone actually look there other than STC?)
Action History
Apr 19, 2004 Der.. minor update: I'm using the "RS Multiplayer design" figured that would help a bit.. sorry all some days my brain doesn't want to work (CMDR Joshua Hawkins)
May 05, 2004 This only occurrs if your resolution isn't high enough. I think you need a minimum of 800x600, but that may not be enough for some pages. (LGN Snappleguy)