Support Call: 215
Subject LIC Site
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By LGN Jon Anchorage
Logged On Apr 19, 2004
Call Text Gots problems with the LIC site:

1) need to be able to add delete and change scores.

2) need to be able to switch scores from one to the other from the DL to the SLP and so with the other way

3) Have the IBG Fleet CS accessability only. For administraitor changes. Like to the site for news and such

4) the ability to add medals if the need arises

5) Reports also will email the appropriate Wing CS and Fleet CS

Please let me know how I can do this or make it so I can understand cause this right now I cant understand it. I am not a coder person. And Asking Reab to help is like pulling a rabid dog of my kid. Anyhoo like the ITOD I can understand that. PLZ HELP@!!!!

Thanks in advanced

Col Jon Anchorage
Action History
Apr 22, 2004 ya know what never mind I will get it done somehow (COL Jon Anchorage)
Apr 27, 2004 I'm pretty sure you won't have access to edit any of those pages. If they're able to update the database, then they're owned by the admin login, not the ibg ftp login. Someone on the IO staff will have to do this, and that looks like me. (LGN Snappleguy)
Apr 27, 2004 Ok there is a link in there for News Pages however it does not work so if and when you get around to it also for the rounds I am looking for them to run with the ITOD with is once a month and it will be able to change on short notice ;) lol thnx Snap ":) (COL Jon Anchorage)
May 25, 2004 The DL ladder and people's profiles in the DL section is fixed (MGN Licah Fox)
Jan 15, 2005 Have at it, Mr. IBG IO. ;) (GEN Licah Fox)
Jun 13, 2005 There are still problems, but:
1) Editing scores is possible; contact Mystic or I to have a score deleted. It doesn't look like this is needed very often so we will be happy to do this until that feature is implemented.
2) Contact Mystic or I to have a score switched.
3) The Fleet CS can now update the news via FTP.
4) Adding medals can be done via FTP.
5) Reports don't email anyone right now, but it's easy to go in and check all the matches at the end of a round.
If you need anything else, let us know. (GEN Licah Fox)