Support Call: 217
Subject Roster on the IBG Site
Status Closed
Assigned To VA Patrick Blastfire
Logged By LGN Jon Anchorage
Logged On Apr 24, 2004
Call Text I think I screwed with something too big for my britches. Please when you have time to take a look at the roster link I screwed something up!!!

Thank you

Action History
Apr 25, 2004 The page that's being linked is attempting to include a couple of protected files that can only be accessed by the primary FTP login of the domain due to security reasons, for starters. Are you just trying to give the IBG a working roster page? If so, I've updated the file to match the IBG's current site design and print out the fleet's roster; just change the link on the home page and you're set. If this isn't what you needed and you require further assistance, simply place a new call and we'll do what we can to help. Thanks! (GEN Patrick Blastfire)