Support Call: 224
Subject Lightning Strike Request
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On May 07, 2004
Call Text Can someone here add in the word "Squadron" to the lightning strike roster. Max would like it so the (Rebellion) label is dropped from the roster list of flights.. basically so it's like neutron. I have checked the "Drop 'squadron' from listing" box, and it's where it should be (I compared with Neutrons so it should work). Only thing I can think of is the word "squadron" isn't there for the roster to drop, so it won't drop the (rebellion) label which should come after it.

Thanks alot guys!
Action History
May 08, 2004 The "drop squadron" checkbox is for the actual pilots in the roster. They can be displayed as:

Blue CO: whoever
Blue Squadron CO: whoever

It doesn't have to do with the name. Now what do you want the names to be, exactly? (LGN Snappleguy)
May 08, 2004 Basically he just wants the (Rebellion) label dropped in the listing. So it's just Lightning Strike CO ,Lighting strike 1 etc. Some how the "drop squadron" check worked for neutron.. so we just have neutron 1 neutron 2 etc.

Sorry for the confusion. ":) (CMDR Joshua Hawkins)
May 08, 2004 This is done. (LGN Snappleguy)