Support Call: 234
Subject Request a ship error?
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On Jul 07, 2004
Call Text I tried to request a ship for the IBG
Actually its an old ship that the IBG used to have
its the Celestial Fury, it was once the home of Requiem Squadron which is the IBG MP Squad.

Anyway, i was trying to request it through the request a ship function and got this

Request for Celestial Fury submitted. Mail being sent.
getResult(SELECT EMail FROM Roster WHERE CSPos >0 AND CSPos <4 ORDER BY CSPos ASC) - RS SQL ERROR: Unknown column 'CSPos' in 'where clause'

It says mail being sent but i wanted to let you know about the error.

COL Chris Horn "Kicks"
Requiem CO
Action History
Jul 20, 2004 I guess I'll rewrite the OOB. It seriously needs it. Gimme a day or so to sort through it all. (GEN Snappleguy)
Oct 12, 2004 I'm putting this on hold so I can finish up more important stuff, such as the new server and the itod scores. (GEN Snappleguy)
Jan 15, 2005 I'll do the temporary fix to hold this over until Snap takes care of the other stuff and gets a chance to rewrite the OOB. (GEN Licah Fox)
Jun 13, 2005 I'm not sure I ever did a temporary fix. Just email Snap and Spokes directly to get a new ship. Spokes can approve it and Snap can add it directly to the database. (GEN Licah Fox)