Support Call: 235
Subject HC Voting System
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
Logged On Jul 24, 2004
Call Text Just because I'm retired doesn't mean I won't suggest things. Anyways, this idea came up when I was looking at the HC roster and noted that the IBG CO was LOA. This also brings up another idea as well. Anyways, the system would be something like the poll system. Except only HC members can use it. Not entirely sure that it should be just the FC that puts up what can be voted on since any Fleet CO, after a discussion is pretty much hacked to hell and back, can call a vote. So I guess make it possible for any Fleet CO to post the choices that can be voted on along with the topic of discussion. Now, if a Fleet CO is LOA, the system would automatically assume that the XO is voting.

Going along with that, when a Fleet CO is LOA or AWOL, Fleet XO is ACO. In which case they should have full powers of command. And yet they don't. So the system should automatically give full control over the Fleet when the CO is LOA or AWOL to the XO. This doesn't just apply to Fleet level, it works on all levels of command.

Until another inspiration comes to mind. (:"

Action History
Jul 24, 2004 Forgot to mention this. When a vote is called by a Fleet CO, emails are sent to the Fleet CO's and XO's saying as such. As well as listing those that the system recognizes as having the voting rights dependent on if a Fleet CO is LOA or AWOL.

Face (LGN Garrik "Face" Loran *Retired*)
Jan 15, 2005 I know Mystic put some work into this a while back, but don't think this request is necessary if Fleet CS are on their toes.. and if they aren't, what're they doin' bein' fleet CS, eh? Going to close this for now. (GEN Licah Fox)