Support Call: 241
Subject Cumulative Mission Scores
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By GEN Phil DarkFire
Logged On Oct 07, 2004
Call Text When looking at the Cumulative Scores for tour 3 in the RgF the Wing standings all show as zero
Action History
Oct 12, 2004 This is gonna be my next project. I've been eyeing it for a while, and this is a good opportunity to jump on it. (GEN Snappleguy)
Feb 03, 2005 The project is getting done. to peruse what's finished so far. (GEN Snappleguy)
Mar 10, 2005 The new itod system fixes this. Let me know if you have any issues with the cumulative scores. (GEN Snappleguy)
Mar 12, 2005 Should be all done. Only thing left is to make the "career" stats load faster, but they're accurate and they eventually do show up :P (GEN Snappleguy)