Support Call: 251
Subject Quote META refresh broken
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By COL Cay-Qel "Pyro" Jade
Logged On Jan 18, 2005
Call Text IE goes into a loop on the "Your vote was added successfully! You will now be returned to the previous page." page, after voting for a quote.
Action History
Jan 18, 2005 Working on it (LCL Jagged Drayson)
Jan 18, 2005 I can't reproduce the error with WinXP SP1. (LCL Jagged Drayson)
Mar 12, 2005 I can't reproduce it either, and there have been no more complaints about it..most likely it was a fluke with the http referrer being wrong or strange. It's too minor to keep open anyways. (GEN Snappleguy)
Mar 13, 2005 I changed it to use header() instead of meta refresh, see if that helps. (GEN Snappleguy)