Support Call: 28
Subject E-mail system error - no CC is received when it is sent to own e-mail address
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya
Logged On Mar 24, 2003
Call Text When trying to send a Guardian Wing or Dragon Squad email (RgF) using the 'send squad (or wing) email' funtion on the roster screen, and add myself as the cc, I never get the email. My email is
Action History
Apr 09, 2003 This has not happened to anyone else, so I'm unsure what the problem is.... Daryus has tested this multiple ways, and apparently the e-mails just aren't getting there.
Apr 09, 2003 Call 28 Updated By Col. Licah Fox
Apr 19, 2003 Not sure what's going on, my theory is that MSN blocks his self-e-mails for some odd reason. He said it'd be fine to drop it so I'm closing this file.

Apr 19, 2003 Call 28 Updated By COL Licah Fox