Support Call: 289
Subject mailing problem
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By MAJ Korras
Logged On Jul 13, 2005
Call Text with every mail going through, every form of markup, including linebreaks, is removed. it doesn't matter what those mails are, or who they came from, be it newsletters or resignation mails, all are jambled together into one single, long, paragraph.

I am using Outlook 2003, and have no special rules set for this. nor does the 'remove / add line breaks' box appear. I recieve countless mails per day on this address, and not once have I had the problem I seem to be having now.

it's a problem that can be lived with, yes, but reading a newsletter put into one paragraph is no easy reading..

sorry for being a nuisance like this, but it's just very, very, anoying.
Action History
Jul 16, 2005 Please forward me ( one sample of a text-only email and an html email. There may be something wrong with a header that your ISP is picking up on and "correcting." I can't seem to duplicate what you're saying, and you're the first person to complain about this after the system has been up for a year, which leads me to believe it has to be on your end. (GEN Snappleguy)
Jul 22, 2005 Please forward me an example of what you are talking about or I wll have to close this call in 48 hours. I can't help you if I can't see what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks! (GEN Snappleguy)
Jul 23, 2005 Just to throw my own two cents into this, nearly every email I receive has some problems.

Emails sent normally are subject to extra line breaks not present in the original message. Example:

Emails sent with attachments just break completely. Example: (GEN Licah Fox)
Jul 23, 2005 Headers for those two emails given above: and (GEN Licah Fox)
Jul 24, 2005 Attaching a note that the same problem occurs with Gmail. I've only noticed this recently in addition to this support call. (CMDR Rekstar Rukilian)
Jan 18, 2006 I have fixed all the problems that I was having with the mail system, including double line breaks and attachments not working properly. Try emailing yourself and seeing if it works, Korras. (GEN Licah Fox)
Jan 18, 2006 looks fixed now. :) (MAJ Korras)
Jan 21, 2006 should be taken care of. (GEN Licah Fox)