Support Call: 298
Subject Possible Fuction modification..
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Dec 09, 2005
Call Text Is it possible to modify the getCS() fuction to inclue the Training Co and Xo of a fleet? If it already does, can you tell this idiot what the format is please.
Thank you. (The isTraining() doesn't quite suit my needs)
Action History
Jan 18, 2006 I have added this functionality, please test it out. (GEN Licah Fox)
Jan 19, 2006 Unknown paramaters for the fuction , getCS(tco,1,'fleet') and getCS(tc,1,'fleet') doesn't work.
Neither does logging a new support call... (BGN Joshua Hawkins)
Jan 19, 2006 That would be because the position is named "Training Officer", thus the abbreviation is "to". The other abbreviation is "txo". While your support call about getPass.php did not enter the database, we did get the email. I will set up a new call for it. (GEN Licah Fox)