Support Call: 3
Subject Adding past members not currently in the database for old PBF killboards
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Rahj Tharen
Logged By MGN John GAdRS
Logged On Dec 06, 2002
Call Text I am heading up a project in the Patriot Battle Fleet to get all of the PBF's past killboards up on the roster DB, but the past members have to be added to the DB, and there is currently no way to accomplish this. How can I do this?
Action History
Mar 26, 2003

Action History

I'm pretty sure this is outdated and we have already told GAd why it couldn't be done, it's already been finished, or forgotten about...just clearing it off the list since it's still there.

Mar 26, 2003 Call 3 Updated By Adm. Rahj Tharen