Support Call: 317
Subject Main Page Issues
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By COL Rahvin
Logged On May 12, 2006
Call Text Dear Snap,

Got a problem with the main rs site. I have my desktop set to 800x600 (I only have a 14" monitor). The main RS site will not work with 800x600 resolution, only with 1024x768. I have been readjusting my desktop settings to 1024x768, sigining on, and then converting back to 800x600 when I am finished. Would you please update the coding of the main page to handle 800x600 resolution? I would greatly appreciate this.

Cmdr Rahvin
Action History
Dec 09, 2006 Due to the amount of information gathered here in the main page it's almost impossible to have this site display properly at that resolution. My desktop is set at 1024 X 780 and I have occasional page problems as well.. We'll look into it though, maybe there's something we can do, but I can't promise anything. (LGN Joshua Hawkins)