Support Call: 322
Subject ITOD Issue: R2W squads not appearing in PBF killboard
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Jul 02, 2006
Call Text If the R2W is now part of PBF.. why aren't the squads (and presumably the members) showing up?
Action History
Jul 02, 2006 If I had to make an educated guess.. it appears that all the members of R2W are in the dropdown list for the PBF ITOD, but the squads are not available. It is then my guess that because those squads are still set to fleet2 that they will nto appear. However, I cannot change that, else it will screw up the R2W's ITODs.. I must meditate on this. (MGN Joshua Hawkins)
Jul 02, 2006 Fixed. (MGN Joshua Hawkins)