Support Call: 324
Subject A few Problems
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By 1LT Benito45
Logged On Jul 13, 2006
Call Text Hi, I encountered some problems while sailing on the site.

When I wants to go to the Operations Manual pages and the Bylaws pages, here what appears with my screen:

Table ' rs.bp_subitems' doesn' T exist.

So i can't read any of this and earn points.

Could you help me? Thanks.

Action History
Jul 13, 2006 Hi Benito45,
I have fixed this problem - thank you for telling us about it. You can now read this pages and earn your points. Also, I fixed the following page: so you can now automatically link your roster and forum profiles. Good luck, ":) Licah (RA Licah Fox)