Support Call: 329
Subject Merits update date
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On Aug 12, 2006
Call Text I want a date changed or edited option for merits on well all fleets but mostly IBG because I can edit those. SO that I can see who has edited them last and what date they were edited. THis is so that the CO, XO, SO are not missing the merits or doing them more than once for the same thing (ie mission, mp).

MGN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Action History
Nov 24, 2006 This is almost an impossibility, as it's very difficult to add in any codes that mention "last changed" due to the nature of the site. Perhaps in the future when there's someone who can code better than I, or find a way to impliment this, then it might be possible. For now it's just easier to delegate one person to do it and follow up with them. (LGN Joshua Hawkins)