Support Call: 336
Subject Joining a squadron
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By 2LT Jackson "Blackjack" Porter
Logged On Dec 09, 2006
Call Text Hello, I'm a new person to the game. I have a few questions. First, one of the intro screens said to join a squadron, or one will be picked for me. How do I go about joining one. Second, one of the reasons I joined was because I was under the impression that I would be able to do multiplayer missions and such on X-Wing Alliance in order to boost my pilot rating. Is this true? Third, if the chance for multiplayer games online is there, how does one go about playing one? I did notice that there are many different ways to do multiplayer games (IPX, TC/PIP, etc). Thank you for your help!
Action History
Dec 09, 2006 Greetings, this support system is for problems with site itself. I've noticed you just joined, so you'll have to be a little patient as your training officer will contact you shortly. While you're waiting you can check out the Beginner's Path and get to know about us and even start your way to a promotion. Also, read up on that is the website for the XWA home of our site. Good luck! (LGN Joshua Hawkins)