Support Call: 340
Subject Medals listing under profiles
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Logged On Apr 13, 2007
Call Text Hey there Josh (or whoever gets this). I was recently looking at some of the medals people have obtained for making sure events have been awarded for, and I noticed that the medals aren't ordered very nicely. The medals are ordered by alphabetical ordering of the dates it appears, which makes for a confusing effort to know if the most recent events were awarded for. Could this be fixed to have newest to oldest or something like this, please?
Action History
Apr 14, 2007 The medals are listed in order Fleet first, then catagory. Anything new will say so on the medal with a white (new) tag. They are not listed by dates at all. Switching this to list by date first would be bad especially with all the older medals not having dates in the system. (GEN Joshua Hawkins)
Apr 14, 2007 You misunderstand me by which list is ordered. I mean to say that when I go into a specific medal of mine, say the Operational Development Pin, the list is in an alphabtic order. So it lists ones from April 06, then April 07, then ones awarded in december, etc. (LGN David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk)
Apr 14, 2007 Actually, there doesn't seem to be an ordering to how my ODP's are listed (the reasons section), now that I look a bit closer. (LGN David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk)
Apr 15, 2007 Due to medals being reloaded some glitches are bound to happen. For the most part they are ok.. (GEN Joshua Hawkins)