Support Call: 361
Subject redirects broken again
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Licah Fox
Logged On Oct 14, 2007
Call Text at least, is not working. probably others.
Action History
Oct 14, 2007 mine works, however - (RA Licah Fox)
Oct 14, 2007 Mine work as well. There's a bit of a lag, but nothing on the internet is fast anymore. (RA Joshua Hawkins)
Nov 20, 2007 another problem occurred just now - someone added a redirect of their own; I confirmed that it was in the system; the redirects script was run and it vanished from the RS database instead of being added to the Plesk database. fix this too. (RA Licah Fox)
Apr 08, 2008 Plesk isn't getting updated for new/old redirects. I removed a couple of old redirects and added a new one. Plesk never got the message. I had to go in manually and update it. (RA Joshua Hawkins)
Jul 14, 2008 finally fixed! (RA Licah Fox)