Support Call: 366
Subject Dagger Crest
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On Feb 29, 2008
Call Text Is there a way to put the primary squad crest (if your squad has one) or avatar from the message boards on their profile or next to their roster spot or maybe if you hover over their name it displays it. Also can we add the crest or avatar to the uniform (maybe on the sash or maybe another pic that users can change themselves)? The one that users can change themselves would be nice so that in Daggers case we can put up our new crest with numbers on them.
Action History
Mar 22, 2008 Going to add the forum avatars to the profiles. This seems to be the happiest solution, andwill add a nice touch to the profiles. This will however cause me to redesign the profile page a little bit. So it'll be a few before this gets done. Keeping call open to remind me. (RA Joshua Hawkins)
Jul 18, 2008 Forum avatars are listen in peoples rs profiles now. This is a permanently temporary setup. As long as no one hotlinks our images and sucks our bandwidth up, these will remain. if our bandwidth gets sucked up, I'll close it down for the time being until we can find a better solution. For now, enjoy! (VA Joshua Hawkins)