Support Call: 376
Subject RID Reporter
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By BGN Swifty Chapple
Logged On Jun 20, 2008
Call Text For some reason, I and several other members have had a problem with the RID reporter. This problem is such that the email it sends us is all wrapped on one line, which makes it very hard to find the necessary info. The thing is, this does not happen on any other RS emails, which makes the issue perplexing.
Action History
Jun 20, 2008 Reporter seems to work fine. No idea what causes said problems. Have tested, has appeared to be working as intended. Problem might be due to image file names. Unknown however. Will wait and see. (VA Joshua Hawkins)
Jun 24, 2008 Assumed the naming of picture files is the cause. Not much to be done. Closing call. (VA Joshua Hawkins)