Support Call: 386
Subject Profile link to MySpace and/or Facebook?
Status Closed
Assigned To VA Patrick Blastfire
Logged By ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Logged On Dec 11, 2008
Call Text Just occurred to me that we might spark a bit of activity if folks could link up more easily. Ton Matty and I are hooked up, but he just "stumbled across" my myspace page.

Could be fun....
Action History
Mar 17, 2009 Anyone remember this idea? I have just begun to really use Facebook and it would be a great place to recruit, given how it is set up. MySpace isn't set up the same, but the RS does have a MySpace page (somewhere) (ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran)
Mar 17, 2009 Going to see what I can do with this; might be cool. (RA Patrick Blastfire)
Mar 18, 2009 This feature is now live. RSers may include links to their MySpace and/or FaceBook pages on their profiles. (RA Patrick Blastfire)