Support Call: 397
Subject Discrepancy between roster and main website
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Logged On Mar 05, 2010
Call Text I've noticed that there is still a discontinuity between the current main look and feel and that presented by the roster and other lower-level functions on the website. Is it possible that the older web-pages could be updated to maintain the polished look and feel of the current main page?

Just a minor pet-peeve that's been nagging me, feel free to dismiss.

Also: upon selecting 'menu' from the primary (horizontal) task bar, I noticed that all of the bullet points after the e-mail subset (beginning with "Tools") are no longer in alignment with the "e-mail" and "Personal Information" bullets. (I.E. the bullet points themselves are half inside the dividing boarder). Very minor graphical issue.
Action History
Mar 06, 2010 Thanks, Cyrel. Could you send a screenshot of the display issue you mentioned on I suspect it actually has to do with the overall design itself, not that particular page (i.e. the text shifts over to the left after the left nav bar content is done.)

Regarding the roster database, you're probably right; I'll need to look at some overarching site design issues. I'll leave this open until I get chance to do that. (VA Licah Fox)
Mar 13, 2010 Pinging Cyrel for screenshot! :D (VA Licah Fox)
Mar 13, 2010 (RA Cyrel Vandroth)
Mar 13, 2010 Ok, set the main margins on design #4 to be 165px instead of 153. Try that, Cyrel... (VA Licah Fox)
Mar 14, 2010 The menu margins have been fixed and look fine.
Good work :D
Now to update the roster! :P (RA Cyrel Vandroth)
Mar 23, 2011 Cyrel, you may be pleased to know that we have begun this process. Some converted, many more pages to go! (ADM Licah Fox)
Aug 01, 2014 Someday . . . (ADM Licah Fox)