Support Call: 407
Subject year service ribbon
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Jun 04, 2010
Call Text Find a way to only display the highest one. IE: Don't show year 4 if you have year 5.
Action History
Jan 31, 2011 The way it currently work is that the year ribbons replace the old ones (I'm not sure if it's manually removed or automatically), but right now, each persons only have one year ribbon (E.g., I only have the 4 year ribbon on my profile) (COL Kane ''Kid'' Dev Redron)
Feb 02, 2011 I have completed this. As a side note, we need ribbons for 13, 14, and 15. I've copied over the 12 graphic for each of them, but that's a temporary fix until someone makes the new ribbons. (ADM Licah Fox)