Support Call: 41
Subject [RgF] - has a typo in a link
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By 1LT Torin Cloudhopper
Logged On May 02, 2003
Call Text Hi, I noticed there's a repeated typo in a link address.
from the main RS page, I clicked on "Fleets" then I clicked "Renegade Fleet" then clicked "Wings/Squadrons" when I clicked on any of the links under "Guardian Wing" it said page not found. I noticed a typo in the link, it's trying to go to "...rgf/gurdian/..." instead of "...rgf/guardian/..." missing an "a" because those pages are there. :)
Action History
May 02, 2003 RgF's problem :P It's on their site.

I've emailed the RgF CS about it...
May 02, 2003 Call 41 Updated By COL Licah Fox