Support Call: 419
Subject CoJ Complaint form not working properly
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Logged On Feb 20, 2011
Call Text After talking with someone who said they filed a complaint through the CoJ system and 2 members of the CoJ who said they never got said complaint, I am concluding that the complaint form is broken again. At the very least, could someone check that out?


Action History
Feb 21, 2011 Changed some code, it was still using the old exec tables. Honestly, I'd say have people stop filing COJ cases. the CoJ is kinda dead and useless. I think I fixed it though, just waiting to see if there's a response back. (VA Joshua Hawkins)
Feb 21, 2011 Email seems to have gone through, have yet to get a response, but appearances says they got it. I'm going to close this call for now in the hopes it's fixed. If it's not I'll reopen it. (VA Joshua Hawkins)