Support Call: 42
Subject Academy Database - automatic AWOLing/expulsion at certain points after joining
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By GEN Chris Horn "Kicks"
Logged On May 02, 2003
Call Text I was wanting to see if the Roster Data Base could auto AWOL cadets in the IBG XWA UG when their join date turns yellow and possibly send them a notice that says they have so much time to finish their requirements. Maybe an email could be sent when the join date turns red and maybe expell them entirely. We could still track if the cadets have been contacted by the by their instructor, by the emailed column that says No/Yes. This would take away from cadets that say they are still active but stay there for six months. This way there is a time table in which cadets have to have their requirements in by. and would truly get rid of inactive cadets and members. I figure if you dont do anything as a cadet in say 45 days (which would be about right considering you have one month to fly a mission for the IBG then if you dont fly most CO's will AWOL you and give you a couple of weeks to come back from AWOL). So if they are inactive as a cadet they will most likely be inactive as a member.

LCM Chris Horn
Wyvern CO
Dinner XO
Wildcard 8
Action History
Aug 15, 2003 first, the IBG UG no longer exists;
second, this is like a self-run system we're talking about here (nothing for instructors to keep track of).. :P I don't think things should be that set in stone, if someone out there still thinks this is a wonderful idea, talk to me on IRC or e-mail about it.


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