Support Call: 423
Subject Fix gallery
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By FA Licah Fox
Logged On Apr 02, 2011
Call Text Currently, gallery is disabled due to rogue programs attacking its upload-images feature.

We should re-enable uploading to the gallery - but only after the image-file-type checks are confirmed to be foolproof against h4ckers.
Action History
Apr 03, 2011 Is the gallery code closed off to members only (or an if statement that we can add an RSID check to)? I'll also give it a comparison against our mission reporters, as realistically they should use the same image-file-type checks. (ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk)
Sep 27, 2011 Right now, if it's not a jpeg or you're not logged in, the file won't process.. so I don't know what's going on. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Sep 27, 2011 ok, I made some changes to the submit.php page, and have re-opened the gallery for now. I'll keep this support call open for now. Let's hope we don't get spammed.
By the way, what was happening last time? I never knew. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Sep 27, 2011 also, function split() is depreciated,

So we'll need to figure out the proper fix for that. the code is reference is under submit.php and is: $lFileInfo = split('.', $_FILES['graphic']['name']);

Either way, I think the gallery is ok now other than that error being thrown. We'll see though. I'm still going to leave the call open. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Sep 27, 2011 also, request for png support. will add that as well. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Oct 16, 2011 Doesn't seem to be any problems, going to close this. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)