Support Call: 430
Subject rs + forum registration link
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Aug 01, 2011
Call Text have folks who sign up for the RS automagically have registration info for the forum. Saves time in registering, and maybe we can disable forum registration so folks have to sign up at the RS? maybe?

Anyway.. it's a tough act, and here's the info I've found on it. Not sure if this will break with each forum upgrade though..
Action History
Aug 01, 2011 ok, got a script going in /join/verify.php According to everything I've read it should work. Sadly, it does not. No SQL error generated that i can see, and the only PHP error I get is this:

[01-Aug-2011 16:41:13] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare not_zero() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 14

So not sure what's going there.. also info for the function is here:

Something simple I'm missing.. I know it. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Aug 02, 2011 It R Done! Thank you phpbb forums for sucking ass as much as you do. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)