Support Call: 433
Subject Ribbons on Uniforms
Status Closed
Assigned To RA Snappleguy
Logged By MGN Adam Mieter
Logged On Aug 12, 2011
Call Text Hello there!

Licah asked me to log a call about this issue, so here it is. I have noticed that a few RS-Wide ribbons won't show up on uniforms, even though the 'Display on Uniform' checkbox is checked. These ribbons are:

- Excellency of Service
- RS Mission Report Medal
- RS Top Gun

On another, somewhat similar note, since now the Academy is the only active section besides RS-Wide, I think it would be a nice addition if those ribbons would show up on uniforms, too. This would mean an extra 1-4 ribbon(s) on a member's uniform, so it's not really a lot, and part of it would affect new members only (Cadet Graduate Ribbons and Senior Cadet Awards).

Thank You for reading this!

Action History
Aug 12, 2011 There is currently a limit of I think 20 ribbons on the uniform due to coding and lack of space. Also, the excellency of service is a dangle medal on the collar with the medal of honor.. so even if it had a ribbon it won't show up (as it's already on there and silly to take up space for a ribbon)
As for ribbons not showing up, I think we need to look at exactly what ribbons NEED to be on there and which one "would be nice". There is a limit of 20, I think it MIGHT be possible to make 24 without too much damage, but still medal priority needs to be addressed.
No matter how many medals you check to "place on uniform" only the first 20 will show up, so if you remove one, then add it back, it'll goto the end of the list. Which is why some people have the alavace star on their uniform (like me) and some do not.
Suggest we leave this call open for medal priority revamp. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Aug 12, 2011 also upon looking at the medal priority table (Where the uniform looks for medals) it appears that things are not saving properly. IE: Editing a medal to appear on uniform with no other edits does not insert the ribbon/image file name into the table.

I think the whole system needs to be looked at. Stupid uniforms. Can we just get new ones from somewhere? (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Sep 23, 2011 Also of note, when editing a medal to display on the uniform, if there's no ribbon and/or image in the respective fields, there will be no image on the uniform. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Sep 27, 2011 I changed the uniform code so that the medals table is used, and ignore medal priority. It was just complicating things. The edit bug is still there I think, if you just edit the medal to display on the uniform and nothing else, the ribbon display will fail. You need to edit eh medal and re-upload the file when checking the display box. Not sure if this bug is still there or not, but we'll see. I've already informed Adam of the changes.

Going to leave this call open for now. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Dec 28, 2011 I can take a look at this over the long weekend. I'm pretty sure I wrote the code to begin with. There is a priority list for ribbons, and it can only pick from those. If something breaks, its supposed to skip that one and continue on adding them, up to the maximum. (RA Snappleguy)
Mar 03, 2012 Snap I changed that code all around, I'm going to go ahead and close this call. I think everything seems to be working now. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)