Support Call: 439
Subject missions and twitter
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Nov 06, 2011
Call Text I had a profound thought. Not sure if we can do this or not, but is there a way we can auto announce on twitter that we have a new mission released?

EG: "New #XvT mission released! Due in x days."
and maybe when the due date is the same as today
"#XvT mission is due today so get your reports in!"

or whatever, just something like that maybe? Not sure if it's possible, I haven't looked at the twitter API to see if it's possible.

There's also we can use. It's a FOSS (free and open source software) that is similar to twitter but less spam/noise/garbage. We could announce it in both places. Maybe using we might be able to get more members too.

Just a thought. Might save cody some time. Since I think he's the only one who runs the RS Twitter. We should get the PCs to announce it too. Maybe if we can write a script to do it automagically, we can setup a form or something for the PCs so they can announce it.

Just some thoughts.
Action History
Mar 03, 2012 Been reading up on this. It's far more trouble than it's worth. Once it's setup it's fine.. but trying to get all the background code and session and authorization stuff going.. it's just not worth the time to setup. It would be awesome if we could.. maybe we can use it for other things too.. but it's just not practical for us to put i nth work at this time. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Mar 04, 2012 Nevermind found a really simple script we can use. Just need to get info from people. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Mar 04, 2012 Got it! Added a new function (with the help of two base files for twitter API). We'll know when the missions are due now via twitter! If I set it up right, it should tweet for each game, and it should tweet it once.. I hope... (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Mar 14, 2012 Currently only works for when missions are due, but it should be able to be expanded if one wanted to code for it. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)