Support Call: 44
Subject Executives roster editing update
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Rahj Tharen
Logged On May 04, 2003
Call Text A DIO5 slot needs to be added to the Exec Roster on the Database so that Jagged Drayson's spot can actually be edited in

Oh, and hey everyone...I'm also testing how fast these requests are taken care of. Feel free to impress me. :P
Action History
May 04, 2003 Was getting tired of all the hardcode Zsinj made for editing execs, so I completely rewrote execs.php and editexecs.php from scratch, and put everything in an "Execs" table in MySQL.

Check it out, the editing is done via iframes now. Doesn't work in Netscape, but them's the breaks. I think that in Netscape, it'll just open up a new window instead of displaying in the same page, so it'll still work.

May 04, 2003 Call 44 Updated By COL Licah Fox