Support Call: 460
Subject Forums showing username, not RS name.
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged On Jan 17, 2014
Call Text I forget what code Licah used to get this trickery going so I'll leave it for him.

Just a note, as per another support call, with Licah's trickery, when you selected someone to add them to a group, their RS name came up and not their forum name. So you couldn't add them to the group.

We need to make the RS trickery not add the RS name when adding to the group, or find a way for the group add page to accept the RS name (and put in the proper forum user name)
Action History
Jan 18, 2014 [14:18:41] user control panel, then on the left, user groups
[14:35:37] yeah i just tried wedding you to the tor group and i searched for *licah*
[14:36:06] when i selected your name it added your rs name to the box, not your forum name (ADM Licah Fox)
Jan 18, 2014 User Control Panel >(left side) Usergroups > (left side) Manage groups > Manage members

Under the big white add a username box there's a link to find members that brings up a pop up window. I did a search for *Licah* once his name came up I marked it and clicked "select marked" This closed the popup window and Added ADM Licah Fox to the big white box to add usernames. What should appear here is Licah's forum name.. which is the same as his name without the rank. ok. Bad example. Let's pretend and use mine instead. After searching for Hawkins and clicking the select marked button, my RS name of ADM Josh Hawkins shows up. What should show up is ShadowSmuggler.

Now what needs to happen is either that white box translate the RS name and accept it.. or the select mark actually gets the forum name not the RS name.

Hope this helps clear things up. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Jan 18, 2014 All fixed. The forums hack works far more elegantly now than it used to. (ADM Licah Fox)