Support Call: 473
Subject Missing Screenshots and Error on report page.
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By CMDR Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance
Logged On Jun 04, 2014
Call Text Two people have reported on XWA 410: The Shutle Tru'lak. The screenshots they have submitted don't appear to have made it to the server as they won't display (This happened to me and Ray for TIE last month).

They've also left reports on the mission, but trying to view them results in the following message:

You have improperly accessed this page. Please return to the ITOD front page.
Action History
Jun 04, 2014 I think I fixed it. You might have to resubmit your reports to get it to work though. I'll leave this call open for now. If it still doesn't work, add a note here. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Jun 04, 2014 Sorry to bug you Josh but I've just noticed that none of the reports or screenshots left for any of the missions are working. They were there but now when you try to read them you get the error message I mentioned above. The problem seems to be present across all of tour 4. (CPT Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance)
Jun 04, 2014 derp. missed a file. tis fixed now. I see the screenshots. Check if you do as well. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Jun 04, 2014 Yup screenshots are now working but the reviews are still giving the error message. (CPT Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance)
Jun 04, 2014 reviews? what reviews? link please (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Jun 04, 2014 On this page:

click the link saying (2 Reviews). This takes you to this page:
which gives the error I mentioned above.

Hope that helps. (CPT Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance)
Jun 04, 2014 huh, never even knew that was a link. neat. Fixed. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Jun 04, 2014 Thank you Josh. Excellent job once again. (CPT Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance)
Jun 04, 2014 And... Done. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)