Support Call: 486
Subject Incorrect navigation on certain working links
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By CMDR Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance
Logged On Jun 29, 2014
Call Text Here is the second bug I noticed.

If I view someones profile (I'll use Licah as an example. I hope he doesn't mind) there is a link showing how many medals the person has won. Licah's profile can be found here:-

As you can see it says he has 204 medals (damn he's good). If you click on the link (i.e. Medals Earned: 204 Medals) you are taken to a page

which gives a graphical view of some of his awards. Above the medals is a link saying "Click here for a complete list of all 204 medals awarded". When I click on this link it takes me to a page displaying MY medals instead of Licah's.

Again I'm sure this will be viewed as very low priority but I'm reporting it as requested in a recent Email sent to us from HC.
Action History
Jun 29, 2014 Fixed.

Want medals? Check out Spokes. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)